Internship in Peru

General information

Local committees arrange accommodation and plan leisure activities for incoming trainees along the year, and also help them out with practical issues. If you need advice or help regarding your accommodation, working conditions, or leisure activities, please contact the Local Committee in your city or IAESTE PERU National Committee if there is not a LC where you are staying. Notice that there are not scheduled activities arranged in every region in Peru.

Most cities and towns in Peru have a tourist office where you can find information about local events, sightseeing tours, etc.

Travelling and Arrival

Please inform IAESTE Peru National Office the exact date and time of your arrival. Remember the 28th of July is a national holiday in Peru, so from the 25th to 31st, buses, and flights will be running on reduced schedules. With prices going up during this time, it would be wise to avoid arriving during this week. Arriving over the weekend allows the Local Committee to arrange everything and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

You will be met at the airport by some members of LIMA LC. They will take from the airport to your lodging. The Taxi fee is $15 approximately.

The Jorge Chavez International Airport is located 10 km from the Lima city centre. If your internship does not take place in Lima, but but need to stay in this city for a few days let us know and the members of LIMA LC will pick you up and arrange your temporary accommodation.

If you have an international student card, bring it with you. You may be eligible for reduced admission prices at some venues (such as museums) by presenting the ISIC card at the box office.


Your accommodation will be arranged either by your employer or by IAESTE Peru. The address and other details regarding your accommodation will be given to you before your arrival.

If your work place is not in Lima but you want to stay a few days in the capital city of Peru, there is safe lodging specifically arranged for IAESTE and INTEJ trainees. You can stay here for as long as you want. Let us know and we will make arrangements for you.

Internship in Lima
  • The IAESTE-INTEJ boarding house in Lima includes three meals a day: breakfast and lunch, including coffee or tea, followed by bread in the evening. On Sundays, the lodging will only provide breakfast. The bedrooms and the bathrooms are shared (two people in each room). The lodging offers Internet service, but no computers are available (every guest should use his/her own laptop); the cost for the complete service is 50 PEN per night ($15).
Internship in Piura
  • If you want to arrange an accommodation by your own, take note that throughout the semester most of the rooms are occupied; however, they are free by the end.
  • The cost is S/. 300-400 per month (single room, only lodging), or S/. 700 – 800(Single room, lodging and three meals per day. Sunday is not included).
  • Remember to bring towels and sheets. In Peru, rent is usually paid at the beginning of each month but you will get your salary at the end. Therefore you should bring enough money to cover rent and other expenses you may have within the first month.

There are some laundry businesses offering this service to students that live on boarding houses during semesters, the price of it is ranging from S/. 5 to S/. 7 ($2-$3) per kilogram.

Please ask the LC for further information.

IAESTE PERU Contact Details

Telephone and Services

It is highly recommended that you buy a cell phone to keep in touch with the LC members, or you can buy a GSM SIM card for your phone.

You should check your email frequently in case you receive some important information from IAESTE PERU, or invitations for leisure activities or events.

Leisure Activities

Local Committes arrange some excursions. For general information about Peru, please visit the following web sites:

Please take these instructions, your passport and all the needed documents with you!

We wish you a pleasant stay in Peru!

Acerca de IAESTE

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IAESTE llegó a Perú gracias a la Universidad de Piura en el año 2001.

Actualmente cuenta con dos Comités Locales: LC Lima y LC Piura.

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