Before Departure

Confirmation of Acceptance or Cancellation

Send to your National IAESTE Committee the Acceptance Form N5 and Arrival Form as soon as possible.

If you have to change your arrival date in Peru or cancel your training, inform your National IAESTE Office immediately.

Incoming Process

First phase

IAESTE Peru receives the foreing student nomination from his IAESTE Partner. Once this documents are evaluated by the National Committee, the nomination is sent to the employer.

The employer receives and evaluates the nomination, he has one month to send us the answer. if the employer ask for an skype interview with the student IAESTE Peru arranges it with the IAESTE of the applicant country.

Second phase

If the employer accepted the student, IAESTE Peru sends the N5ayb and the IAESTE arrival forms, plus the information about the visa. The student has two weeks to send the acceptance documents back, with the arrival information.

In case the employer didn’t accept the trainee, we inform to the outgoing exchange office to IAESTE of the applicant country. The student is informed by this office.

Third phase

After the student send his/her acceptance documents. We send his/her information to the local committee of the city where the student will work.

The process of getting the official visa for the student beggins, this process takes a month. By the end of that month we inform the student and she/he should go to the nearest consulate (not honorary) to receive the Peruvian official visa.

Work Permit for Students

For the official visa we need the following information. Please, send it to as soon as you get the confirmation of our employer.

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Nearest General Consulate the trainee location, please check this link for more information.
  • City where the trainee will board
  • Passport number
  • Date of arrival
  • Date of departure
  • Reservation or copy or a plane ticket
  • University name
  • Faculty


Trainees coming to Peru must have a valid insurance against illness and accidents covering the entire period of their stay in Peru and their journey the journey back and forth the country.

Please remember to bring your valid insurance policy with you and leave a copy with someone at home in case yours gets lost.

The easiest way to buy an insurance is in your own country.

If you are going to travel outside Peru during your stay (for example: to Ecuador, Chile or Argentina), make sure your insurance is valid in these countries as well.

If you have some specific doubts, you can write us to

Acerca de IAESTE

Fundado en 1948 en Londres, IAESTE ha intercambiado a más de 335,000 estudiantes en todo el mundo, jugando un papel fundamental en el desarrollo de jóvenes científicos e ingenieros.



IAESTE llegó a Perú gracias a la Universidad de Piura en el año 2001.

Actualmente cuenta con dos Comités Locales: LC Lima y LC Piura.

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